Our Aim

Due to the tremendous technical leap it took in the past four decades Japan has been catapulted into a different orbit which becomes a little inaccessible because of language and cultural divergence. Our AIM is to bridge this gap between the rest of the world and Japan by creating more awareness for high quality Japanese products.

Latest products

Sajyuki Superstick Sajyuki(New) SuperStick is influencing and lifting up of face and body parts.
Explore to watch advertisement video taken at Japan and download catalog.
Sajyuki Roserege Sajyuki(New) Roserege Moisture cream
Sajyuki Eyeliner Sajyuki(New) Eyeliner
Shiseido Elixir Superieur Shiseido(New) Elixir Superieur
DHC Calcium DHC(New) Calcium
Acseine MilkyGel Acseine(New) Milky Gel
Anpanman Marumau Puzzle Anpanman MarumauPuzzle
Merries Daipers Merries Daipers